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December 22, 2023

Standalone form pages and scorecard improvements

Standalone application form page

After you publish a listing, there's a few ways you can get that listing in front of potential employees. You can use our API, embed the application form, or just link to your public careers page on Along.With this latest update, you can also link to a special link that will show potential employees just your application form. If you want to use this, just append /form to the URL of your job listing.

User experience improvements to scorecards

Leaving scorecards is something you do on a daily basis. Bearing that in mind, we've made some nice updates so that it's much smoother.

  • The formatting toolbar actions have been expanded so you can format your text in more ways. Also, that toolbar is now visible by default.
  • The height of the scorecard field has been expanded.
  • After you leave a scorecard and move a candidate to the next phase, we will no longer auto-collapse the previously opened sections.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a scorecard for the first time would flash and say that you are changing your scorecards.

Improvements and Fixes

  • ✨ We improved the colors of comment reactions in dark mode so they're easier to read.
  • ✨ The wording on sections in the Timeline that have no content has been updated.
  • ✨ Last month, we launched a way for you to chat with us about anything through Intercom and without leaving Along. Now, just type in "help" in Search and we'll prompt you to reach out to us.
  • ✨ In order to improve the user experience, all actions on the comments toolbar now have tooltips that clearly indicate their purpose.
  • ✨ When typing large amounts of text, the formatting toolbar will stay pinned to the top of the screen when scrolling.
  • 🐞 When you're submitting an application, the application form fields are now disabled while submitting.

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