Along grows as you do.
A fixed price lets you add unlimited employees. Choose a plan, build your team, and switch it up when the time comes.


Set up a great foundation.
  • Employee availability
  • Time-off management
  • Knowledge base
  • Equipment management
  • Organization chart
  • Beautiful profiles
  • Unlimited users
Coming later in 2023


Scale your team.
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customized hiring process
  • Candidate database
  • Powerful reporting
  • Onboard employees with ease
  • Unlimited users
  • Everything in Start, when out
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Let your team do their best work.
  • Team check-ins
  • Performance review
  • Culture-building tools
  • Engagement surveys
  • Unlimited users
  • Everything in Grow
Coming in 2024


We have answers.

Can I try out Along for free?

Yes, all of our plans include a free one-week trial where you can play around with Along and all of its features without any limitations. We’ll set you up with fake data and information so you can get a good sense of how Along feels and works.

Are there monthly and yearly billing options?

There are monthly and yearly billing options for all of our pricing tiers. Yearly billing includes a ~20% discount compared to monthly billing.

What happens if I add more members?

Congratulations on expanding your team! Nothing happens. With Along, you can add unlimited members to your team without worrying about incurring additional costs, regardless of their usage.

Is there a limit to how many job listings I can have at once?

Nope, there are no limits to how many job listings, candidates, or members you can have in Along. Knock yourselves out!

Is my credit card information secure?

Along does not store your credit card information and your data does not pass through our servers. We use Stripe as our payment processor and everything is fully PCI-compliant. If you trust your bank, you can trust us.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. You can cancel at any time. We’ll make sure you have access to all of the data you collected in Along.

And what about...?

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us via email and we’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP.

"Along has been a game-changer for our HR processes. It's beautiful, easy-to-use, and we've customized it to fit our company culture perfectly. Being able to loop in our entire team has made collaboration a breeze. I can't imagine going back to the old ways."
Sanja Karan
HR Manager at Ars Futura