A modern HR tool your team will love.

Growing your company is an adventure. Bring your team Along.
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Launching in 2023

All the tools you need. Inside one.

Hire talent

Grow your team with the help of Along. Easily create job listings on your public careers page. Define the hiring process, manage your candidate database, set up integrations with other platforms, and more.

Onboard employees

Make your new colleagues feel like they’re part of the team from day one. Set up a customized onboarding experience that keeps everyone on the same page with tasks, feedback, and smart reports.

Keep in the loop

Make it effortless for your team to find all valuable information. Keep, update, and search all culture documents and company knowledge in one place.
An UI mockup showing a table of contents and an example of an opened page inside of the company handbook.

Track availability

With Along, your entire team will be able to see when someone is available, and where they are – in the office, at home, or that new hip place downtown.
A UI mockup showing the example of a chat with small cards overlayed. Each card is showing a different person and their availability for that day.

Grow and improve

Get quality feedback from anyone and everyone on your team. Help employees feel heard, engaged, and supported with regular check-ins. Build trust, and create a culture of transparency.

Along grows with you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – a fixed price lets you add unlimited employees. Pick a plan, build your team, and upgrade when the time comes.


Set up a great foundation.
  • Employee availability
  • Time-off management
  • Knowledge base
  • Equipment management
  • Organization chart
  • Beautiful profiles
  • Unlimited users


Scale your team.
  • Everything in Start, plus
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customized hiring process
  • Candidate database
  • Powerful reporting
  • Onboard employees with ease
  • Unlimited users


Let your team do their best work.
  • Everything in Grow, plus
  • Team check-ins
  • Performance review
  • Culture-building tools
  • Engagement surveys
  • Unlimited users

Why Along?

Along was born at Ars Futura, a software development company. We grew Ars Futura from a two-person shop to a company of more than 50 employees. And we ran into all the usual growing pains. When the time came, we tried a bunch of different tools. But none of them fit.
Along came Along!
We're building Along with small and medium companies (like ours) in mind. It scales easily and tackles all the pain points. Along engages the whole team and you can make it work the way you work.
We've been building software for the past 10 years. We know what works.