An update to Along from
April 24, 2023

Improvements to how we handle privacy policies

Privacy policy for candidates

Apart from just linking to a privacy policy on your website, you can now generate a privacy policy using our template. Under “Settings → Careers → Privacy” simply fill out basic legal information about your company and Along will generate a privacy policy that is automatically shared with candidates when they apply to one of your job listings.

Improvements & fixes

  • ✨ The scores on candidates are ordered from best to worst.
  • ✨ Popover menus are slightly more condensed to make them easier to navigate.
  • ⚡ After you apply for a listing, we now make sure to hide all the “Apply Now” buttons.
  • 🐞 Your status bar is now color matched on Safari browsers.
  • 🐞 Improvements to moving multiple candidates between stages.
  • 🐞 We realized that we triggered the tablet layouts a bit too early, so we fixed that and we’ll no longer collapse information on smaller laptops.

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