An update to Along from
September 12, 2023

Improved commenting and drag-and-drop support

Before diving head-first into a big new feature (✉️ 📥 📫 👀), we spent a week or so just going through Along and fixing small bugs, tightening a few things here and there, dusting off dropdowns and fields.

Drop them like they’re hot

Comments are the backbone of any discussion inside of Along, so we spent some time polishing and improving your commenting experience, specifically how you attach files. You can now drag-and-drop multiple documents into any comment field inside of Along.

Additionally, we’ve polished up the UI for the commenting experience, added better indicators while you’re dragging files into Along, and fixed some small issues when editing comments.

Improvements and Fixes

  • ✨ When creating a listing, we now disable all of the fields while your listing is being saved and published. It’s pretty fast, but we wanted to make sure there are no accidental edits that go through (or don’t) unintended.
  • ⚡ Custom fields on listing now have improved visual interactions when hovering or interacting with them. We hope this will improve clarity and usability.
  • 🐞 While you’re editing a comment, you can now also edit the attachments associated to that comment. We asked around the shop and we’re not quite sure why that wasn’t the case initially.
  • 🐞 Checkboxes on your application forms now respect the brand color for your company. While we love our Along Blue, it might not fit your style!
  • 🐞 You can now zoom in and out of PDFs when on mobile phones or tablets.
  • 🐞 We improved how we render PDFs inside of Along so now you shouldn’t see any weird flashes of white when zooming in and out of content.
  • 🐞 You’ll probably realize that we no longer log you out so easily.
  • 🐞 If for some reason the logo of your company is a completely white rectangle, Along would throw an error. We fixed that, but if the logo of your company is a completely white rectangle, you should probably reconsider that!

Like what you see?

We’re continuously working on new things and improving existing ones. We’d love for you to have a say in what we’re building next.

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