An update to Along from
November 20, 2023

Duplicate Listings and Better Support

We're working hard on bringing you a way to email candidates directly from Along and get their replies also inside of Along! In the meantime, you can now...

Duplicate listings and drafts

You don't always have to start from scratch! With our latest update, you can now duplicate your existing listings or any drafts you have. Just tap on the ••• for a listing or draft and select "Duplicate".

This will pop open the "New Listing" flow with all relevant fields copied and pre-filled from the listing, so you can edit it before publishing.

Hopefully, this will speed up your editing process.

Support inside of Along

We love any piece of feedback you have and it's hugely important to us. Previously, you could email us and we'd get back to you. You can still do that, but now you can also tap the 💬 help button in the main navigation and have a chat with us through Intercom. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Improvements & Fixes

  • ✨ A bunch of small improvements to our saved candidates feature. We changed the color of the "Saved" indicator, added helpful tooltips to let you know when someone was saved, and made some improvements surrounding the permissions for saving candidates.
  • 💅 We've gotten a lot of feedback on the way we sort our scorecards. So we listened. The scores for candidates are now sorted from Strong No to Strong Yes. We've also added a few nice tooltips to improve your experience when scoring.
  • 💅 While we were adding Intercom, we also cleaned up the main navigation. Now, pressing your company logo will take you back to the homepage of your organization.
  • ✨ You can now open up your public careers page straight from our search popup.
  • 🐞 Your public listings content can include links. Now, those links inherit the main color of your organization.
  • 🐞 File uploading can now support files larger than 10 MB.

Like what you see?

We’re continuously working on new things and improving existing ones. We’d love for you to have a say in what we’re building next.

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