An update to Along from
June 7, 2023

Candidate pages and supercharged searching

Search for anything and everything

Browse and move through Along easier and faster than ever! Just tap on the "Search for anything..." box in the navigation bar (or press `Ctrl + K` / `⌘ + K` on your keyboard) and type away.

Easily find candidates, listings, and people from your company, and jump straight to that page. Also, navigate to any of the other pages inside of Along or toggle commands, like switching on dark mode instantly.

We'll be expanding the things you can search for and navigate to as we build in more things into Along.

Candidate pages

Every person who applies to one of your job listings now has a dedicated candidate page of their own. On this page, you can see all of their job applications and more details about them.

Additionally, if a person applied one or more times, that is now visible on all of their applications.

We'll be building more functionality on top of the candidate page in the future, so stay tuned! We hope this makes it easier to manage your candidate database.

Improvements & fixes

  • ⚡ The comments tab on the listing pages now remembers how you left it. So if you open it up on one listing, it will stay that way until you close it.
  • ✨ Wherever you're adding a person, we now show their avatar so you can recognize people at a glance.
  • 🐞 We tightened up some layout issues with our menus and dropdowns that caused items without icons to be misaligned with the ones that do have icons.
  • 🐞 When linked to a comment, we would scroll you just a bit too much down the page. We now make sure that the comment you're being linked to is shown fully on your screen.

Like what you see?

We’re continuously working on new things and improving existing ones. We’d love for you to have a say in what we’re building next.

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