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January 18, 2024

Better deletion of listings and applications

Deleting listings and candidates – made better

When deleting a candidate, you now have two options. You can either delete it permanently or move it to a Deleted stage in your hiring cycle. This way, you can delete a candidate from your system fully or keep them for any future reference and reporting.

We've also tidied up the user experience around deleting applications, candidates, and listings.

Improvements and Fixes

  • ✨ If someone (or yourself) left a reaction to a comment, we've now made it extremely easy to add more reactions! Just tap the button next to the existing reaction and add a new one.
  • ✨ We've made some UX updates to the flow when leaving a scorecard for a candidate.
  • 💅 Editing long pieces of content should be easier now that we've made the rich text editing toolbar sticky on your screen.
  • 🐞 We use the ••• indicator a lot to let you know that there are more actions you can do in places. Well, that little button was misaligned just a tiny, tiny bit.

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We’re continuously working on new things and improving existing ones. We’d love for you to have a say in what we’re building next.

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